Esarfa-sal din lana pashmina roz cu broderie fina


Compozitie: Pashmina
Culoare: roz deschis cu broderie colorata
Dimensiuni: 210cm x 75cm
Tara de origine: India
*Este posibil sa existe diferente de nuante in functie de calibrarea ecranului dvs

249,00 lei

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Pashmina is a light and luxurious accessory with a foamy texture that can be worn in any season.
The use of fine wool embroidery makes a shawl more elegant, as it provides a feminine detail and special elegance.
Pashmina is also quite unusual in that it actually gets softer and more comfortable with each use, making it gentler on your skin each time you’re lucky enough to wear it.
With proper care, diamond fabric will last a lifetime or more. This is evident in the fact that pashminas have been passed down from generation to generation in royal and wealthy families around the world.
The micron variation in Pashmina wool yarns gives it different qualities and prices to match.
Pashmina is the traditional name for the finest grade of cashmere wool.
Pashmina wool (the „soft gold” of Kashmir) is a unique and highly valued product in the world.
The wool itself comes from four distinct breeds of the cashmere goat found in Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh- India. It is a refined, elegant and high-class gift.

Generally, dry cleaning is the preferred washing method for pashmina and cashmere.
However, you can hand wash occasionally in lukewarm water with a mild shampoo such as baby or wool shampoo.
After washing, lay it out as flat as possible.
Iron with a warm iron but it is best to put a piece of paper or cloth between the iron and the fabric.


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